Company History

Two people were sitting at a kitchen table with an idea for a company; a company born from their combined experience and knowledge of the flexible packaging business.  Both had worked together at Sears, where they were responsible for the coordination and procurement of flexible packaging for third-party use.  It was 1975, when these two people - Dominic Imburgia, President and Phyllis Muccianti, Vice President - founded Packaging Personified, Inc.  They became entrepreneurs and were believers in their products and services; Flexible Packaging.  They began their sales operation at that kitchen table, but within four months, they rented space for their growing business.

Two years later, they began manufacturing the products they were selling.  By leasing a larger space; purchasing four bag converters and hiring a small production staff, they began running their first production lines.  However, they were converters still buying raw materials from film extruders, and printing from flexographic printers.  They wanted to do it all; to be in control of delivering a quality product.  So a printing press and even more bag converters were purchased.  In the 1980's they had outgrown their leased space. The kitchen table dream had become a reality; a reality that needed a building of its own; a complete manufacturing facility with its own extruders, converters, design department and printing operations.

In November 2002 the dream continued to grow and a facility in Sparta, Michigan was added to create more opportunities for new markets and synergies.  They continue to expand their company, creating 225 job opportunities; operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today, the dream is a reality but the growth continues nationwide, due to their determination to maintain a sound customer base and to deliver a custom quality product at a competitive price.  Many years have passed but the dream continues to grow into the new century; a dream that started with a strong foundation at that kitchen table.

When Packaging Personified began operations in 1975, we started with the personal commitment of our founders to deliver value, quality and service to our customers.  Decades later Packaging Personified continues to do just that; through reinvestment of capital and personal commitment.  With our on-site extrusion, co-extrusion, flexographic printing, lamination, converting and graphic design consultation we offer a wide array of in-house solutions that meet and exceeds our customer’s flexible packaging needs.